december in photos



newborn photos

A few weeks ago we traveled out to one of our favorite places to take some pictures with our little one. We wanted to make sure we got some pictures with him while he was still so little. The day ended up being beautiful, Connor cooperated perfectly, and my mom got some amazing pictures. It was hard to decide which ones to include so I included a lot!



one month check in


We have a one month old! (Well actually a 6 week old but I’m a little late with this post)

This has probably been the craziest month and a half of my entire life! It has been exhausting, frustrating, and a serious learning curve. But at the same time, I love this little man more than I thought possible and that makes it all worth it.


At one month, Connor was 10 pounds 8 ounces.


Connor loves cuddling, staring at the ceiling fan, daddy’s silly songs, falling asleep in mommy’s arms, his rock ‘n play, laying on his activity mat, movement, singing, and riding in the car (sometimes).

He doesn’t love baths, his bouncy seat, being put in the car seat, or his bassinet.


Now to go cuddle with my baby boy on this rainy day.


welcome to the world

Welcome to the world Connor Allan!


I have been meaning to write this post for weeks but the blog has come after taking care of my little man, eating, resting, and showering…but ya know…priorities, right?


Connor was born on September 20th at 8:35 pm. He is just over 5 weeks old.


We are so in love and enjoying the every day adventure of having a baby.


I’m definitely planning on doing more posts and hopefully getting in a monthly check in post. We are past 1 month, but that will be coming soon!  Until then, you can follow me on instagram to see some super cute pictures!


40 weeks


Due date:  today! 

Size: size of a watermelon, about the same size he has been the past couple weeks, somewhere between 6 and 9 pounds and between 19 and 21 inches

How far along:  40 weeks

Next appointment:  I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday if I haven’t had him already

Gender:  boy 

Exercise:  not much, I’m so worn out and uncomfortable

Stretch marks:  a few more have shown up in the last week

Maternity clothes:  the same clothes I’ve been wearing, mostly comfy clothes

Belly button: in

Sleep:  not great, waking up a lot to pee and it is hard to get comfortable

Food cravings: mostly things I can’t have but am looking forward to having soon

Food aversions: the same things that haven’t really been sitting well

Symptoms: tired, uncomfortable, carpal tunnel symptoms, swollen feet, heartburn

Movement:  yes

Labor signs: nothing yet….

What I miss:  moving around comfortably

What I’m loving:  enjoying the last days with him in my belly

What I’m looking forward to: meeting our son

Best moment this week: finally finished the nursery and love it! 

Purchases: none this week

Milestones: we reached our due date! 

News: I am feeling anxious not knowing when he will be coming but I feel like he is being stubborn, just like he has been for the rest of this pregnancy. I’m trying to rest and enjoy the last few days of being pregnant. 



39 weeks


Due date:  September 18

Size: size of a pumpkin, similar size to last week and he keeps growing even though he is squished in there

How far along:  39 weeks! 

Next appointment:  Wednesday

Gender:   boy

Exercise: mostly house work

Stretch marks:  a few on my sides

Maternity clothes:  same clothes, I’ve been mostly living in comfy clothes at home

Belly button: in

Sleep:  it depends on the night, getting up a few times a night to pee and sometimes my carpal tunnel symptoms are bothering me and sometimes I’m just not comfortable

Food cravings: nothing really

Food aversions: most of the time I don’t feel like eating anything specific still and I can’t wait for that to change

Symptoms: uncomfortable, tired, worn out, swollen feet and ankles, carpal tunnel symptoms, heartburn, pretty much just ready to be done

Movement: yes he is moving around in there

Labor signs: not yet

What I miss:  having more energy and a normal appetite

What I’m loving:  knowing that we’re getting so much closer to meeting our little boy

What I’m looking forward to: meeting our little boy! 

Best moment this week: having my mom come help us clean our apartment and finishing up the nursery

Purchases: a shelf for the nursery

News: Today we were out running errands and, within an hour, I was offered the handicap stall in a bathroom and told that I look adorable. So…I wasn’t sure how to take the first one. Do I really look that big? Either way, it is getting exhausting carrying this belly around. Hopefully I don’t get much bigger.